This blog is for you if…

Hello friend,

Here is what I’m guessing about you, just by the fact that you’re here:

  • You are brilliant, inquisitive, creative
  • You are ambitious and want to create a bigger future for yourself and those around you
  • You are excited about the role of technology in shaping this bigger, brighter future
  • You have a unique set of high-value skills and insights, gained mostly through experience, that can be very beneficial to others in the right context
  • You have strong, sometimes unpopular opinions which often contradict accepted wisdom

If you also have an entrepreneurial spirit and like being your own boss, this blog is definitely for you.

My name is Jordan Dimov and I started this blog in April 2020, at the peak of the pandemic in the UK, to encourage individual entrepreneurship and resourcefulness in re-building the economy. I also seek out and write about under-reported bright ideas, projects and undertakings of technology entrepreneurs, software engineers, researchers, subject experts, business people and creators at the leading edge of thought.

Follow along for first-hand insights and inspiration from fellow professionals applying fresh thinking and modern technology towards the creation of more prosperity, abundance, hope and delight. Get in touch, get involved, learn how you can support, contribute to or become part of the projects and journeys that truly resonate with you.

If you know anyone I should be interviewing or an inspiring project I should be writing about, contact me directly at jdimov@a115.co.uk

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter (@jdimov).

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