Introducing CoreBrief (at a time of global crisis)

In the spring of 2020, the world paused. Almost everyone stayed home. Almost all businesses closed. During this global pause, new realisations, new hopes and new ideas were born. Ideas that would reshape the future in ways nobody could foresee. As a result of this dramatic pause, personal, economic and ecological rebalancing was taking place in every part of the world. The future was being fundamentally re-shaped in real time by individuals with a renewed sense of purpose, connection and enthusiasm for life.

I know that you too have been affected by this pause. You too have thought about many things that can be done differently now – better, or in a way that wasn’t possible or widely accepted before. More importantly, this unexpected global event may have helped you realise there is little security in doing what everyone has always done. Indeed, a measure of boldness, faith in you abilities and appetite for taking risks now seem like the safer choice, especially in times like these.

You may have also witnessed and marvelled at the power of collaboration, connection and basic humanity in people helping each other through the difficulties. It almost feels like we are living in a time of unsung everyday heroes.

As a highly skilled professional, you have extraordinary leverage in your capacity to facilitate high-impact positive outcomes for yourself and others. It may even be frustrating at times trying to clearly see how you can best use your gifts, right here, right now, to bring about more of these positive outcomes.

In light of all this, I’d like to use this blog to invite you to share, in a more open way than you normally would, your own personal observations, ideas, projects, plans and journeys. I’d like to encourage you to be bolder and more confident in taking new steps towards outcomes you feel passionate about. I also want to encourage you to be encouraging of others in this respect.

A time of crisis is a time of going back to basics and rethinking, fundamentally, what matters. It is a time of suspended judgement, norms and expectations. As such, it is the best time for new ventures.

I strongly believe that none of us are content with surviving. We’re here to thrive. We must embrace this if we are to muster the enthusiasm needed to pull ourselves, our loved ones and the world out of despair, through hope, towards a renewed sense of prosperity and joy in life.