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A better way to find clients for your IT consulting business

As an experienced software engineer or IT professional, you have spent many years building up your expertise and your skill-set. You’ve built many solutions and you have solved many problems for clients of various sizes. […]

Secrets to building teams and software at scale: an interview with David Sale

This interview only scratches the surface on a number of interesting and important topics that David has unique and valuable views on. We talk about the ideal team size and structure for software projects; the importance of sound engineering principles in building production software; what enterprise software projects can learn from Netflix; how to focus on what matter in automated tests; as well as career and productivity tips.

From zero to DevOps hero: an interview with platform engineer Yasmin Taylor

Yasmin Taylor is one of those young people who can’t fail to inspire with their motivation and relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. In this interview, we discuss the challenges she’s faced and the opportunities she’s seized as part of her higher education and afterwards; her secrets for quickly picking up new relevant skills; her experience interviewing for tech roles and her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Mission-critical software engineering: an interview with former pilot Adam Field

In this interview, you will discover what software engineers and product managers can learn from airline pilots – especially when building and delivering mission-critical software. Adam also talks about the challenges and rewards of working in the chaotic environment of fast-growing startups; winners and losers in our post-pandemic future; quantum computing; blockchain; and productivity tips.

Modern cloud wars: an interview with DevOps expert Tarun Arora

In this interview, experienced cloud platform engineer Tarun Arora talks about the relative strengths and weaknesses of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure in terms of the DevOps experience. We also discuss Infrastructure as Code tools and Tarun’s experience in migrating a very large on-premise project to the cloud.

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